April 2019 - Fruit

Fruit – Week Four

There is a TON of different fruit in the world – most of which we’ve never tasted. I think that’s the biggest takeaway for me this month.

This week it has been so busy for me at work that I had four bananas just to get my fruit intake in, but did manage to eat three new fruits too.

The gold nugget orange wasn’t super sweet or interesting, but I bought it because I’d never had it and the outside was really interesting. Very rough and misshapen. The women at the check out actually didn’t even know what it was. I also had a Pazazz apple, which I really loved. Turns out it’s a descendant of my favorite apple, the Honeycrisp. Apparently most if not all of these are grown in Canada at the moment, so that’s a little odd but I liked it. Finally, I had a Chile Chili Plum. This was pretty hard and very peachy. The inside looked a little off and the taste wasn’t much to write home about. Not my favorite.

My least favorite fruit I had this month was the disgusting vegetable cucumber pepper tasting Pepino Purple Melon. Never again. My favorite was Passion Fruit. Don’t let the barf look and texture phase you – it’s delicious. Nature’s sour patch kid.

I don’t know if I”m going to go out and be a crazy Fruit Hunter or anything, but I am much more open now to trying new and exotic fruit. The truth is fruit has become predictable for us, when in reality it’s anything but. If you have a chance to go beyond your supermarket, do it. Go to the farmers market – hit up the Asian market. There are so many different kinds of fruit just waiting to be devoured: dukus, rambutans, soursops, mangosteens and durans.

I’ll be back on Wednesday to fill you all in on my May challenge, which I’m excited about. Did you try any new fruit this month? Any good suggestions for interesting fruit to try? Let me know.

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