May & June 2019 - A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day – Intro

Out of all my challenges so far, honest photos was the one that moved me the most. It took a lot of openness and honesty out of me, but it felt really good at the end. I think it was also the most impactful as I had the most people reach out to me after the month finished.

Think about how many photos you see a day. I would guess that I scroll through around a hundred. For some it might be less, but I think for a lot of us it’s more. I bet we don’t even realize how many photos we see a day!

Every photo someone shares with the internet they have thought about it before they shared it. They have assessed, probably unconsciously, what sorts of reactions they are hoping for with that photo. Do they want people to be jealous? Excited for them? Do they want them to laugh? Do they want you to want to eat what they’re eating? There’s always a reason.

Here’s a good video explaining in a nutshell why this can be harmful:

I wanted to continue something along the lines of my honest photos challenge with my May challenge. I want to take a photo a day – a photo I wouldn’t normally share with the internet or put on Instagram because it might not be beautiful or what I think people would ‘like’. An honest moment. Every week I’ll update with the photos I took and explain why I took it and what was happening at that moment.

I challenge you to do this with me and share a photo with me every week that you took that you’d normally not share with anyone. Let’s be more open an honest about our day to days.

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