May & June 2019 - A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day – Week Two

May 10

(I’m the shortest one in the middle of the group of yellow shirts).

Friday I took the day off work with a few coworkers and we took advantage of our free volunteer day with Habitat for Humanity. The opportunity came around last year, but I was too busy at work to take advantage of it. I almost didn’t got this year either, but since our proposal got canceled I had some free time.

I posted an up close photo of me on my Instagram, but I thought later that it was more important to show the entire group that worked that day. Habitat employees do not get paid that much and their dedication to their work is really impressive and inspiring. They rely a lot on volunteers to get their work done. The homes we helped build and clean this day will be open and ready for move-in to four local families in the area in July .

We are a general contracting firm so a lot of the people volunteering had some great knowledge of power tools and hands on work. I was not one of those people and didn’t want to do anything with ladders or things that could kill me so I went outdoors to do yard work. I thought this was a safe bet, but instead I ended up chopping down trees with a hand saw for four hours. Then I painted some doors. We had beers after, which was nice, but I was starting to notice my arms hurt. I went home, showered and texted my husband to wake me up at 7pm. After I woke up from my nap I dragged myself, and my forearms that felt like jelly, to go see Detective Pikachu – spoiler, it was adorable.

May 11

After sleeping in a bit on Saturday we headed to the store for camping supplies and then took off to our favorite campground on the Oregon coast, Nehalem Bay State Park.

I took a lot of great scenic photos and posted on Instagram another one of myself just staring at the ocean. All beautiful and serene but my favorite photo I took from that day that I didn’t share was this one. If you look at the top right of the log it kind of looks like two eyes and a face screaming in pain and being burned alive. I had a few beers and thought this was the funniest thing I’d seen all day. Less funny now, but worth forcing myself to share.

May 12

Saturday we woke up and packed up our camping gear to have coffee on the beach. There were a ton of people out with their dogs and we really enjoyed just watching them run around and get water and sand everywhere.

Half way down the beach we were surprised to see a woman on horseback gallop toward us. I snapped a pictures just because we don’t see it a whole lot.

Apparently the dogs don’t either because they started chasing the horse down and running in between its legs – much to the dismay of the horse owner.

I really love just taking advantage of a quick weekend getaway in nature.

May 13

Back to work Monday, and it was a pretty average Monday.

At lunch we went somewhere where they had Vodka Lavender Lemonades. I had to go back to work so I just got a Lavender Lemonade, which was really exceptionally good and had a cool ombre tone to it….but like most things in life, it would have been better with vodka.

May 14

I had a terrible migraine for this entire day. It just steadily got worse until it took over everything.

I was trying to watch The Bachelorette, but my head was killing me. Now that I think on it, watching something that makes me want to tear my hair out probably wasn’t the best idea. Side note: I can’t BELIEVE Bama Hannah sent home Old Matt Donald and the paper airplane pilot – they were adorable).

Anyway, eventually it got so bad I couldn’t even function anymore and while I was trying to brush my teeth in the dark to avoid the light murdering my face I came back into the room to find the bed made and turned down for me. Sometimes it’s the small things.

May 15

After sleeping for 11 hours I was feeling pretty good on Wednesday. The weather took a turn here in Portland and we went from 80 degree days to 60 degrees and raining. I didn’t mind. I get really sick of the heat when there’s no water around to jump in. The rain was welcome. This change of weather did mean that it has been harder to get outside for lunch and walk around without getting soaked.

I took this picture from our communal kitchen. I love how much natural light we have in our office, it really helps when you’re stuck inside all day.

May 16

Welcome to the UPS drop box by my work that has been my constant companion the last few weeks.

The problem is heels. I have a wedding I’m a bridesmaid for in June and I need a pair of heels. I own one pair right now due to my minimalist wardrobe and they are dark blue and don’t really work with rose dress I have to to wear. So I’ve been ordering a pair of heels every three days on Amazon hoping one pair will maybe one day fit and also be comfortable to stand in for eight hours. When they don’t (so far all seven pairs have failed me) I drop them off here at the UPS drop box that has become a fairweather friend.

Keep sharing photos on your social media of your own every day moments that you wouldn’t normally share with people. Thanks to everyone who has so far – it’s been really enlightening! Let’s use the hashtag #PictureTheLittleThings and I’ll share some of the best ones on here next week!

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