July 2019 - 3 For 30

3 For 30 – Intro

Last week I got a chance to finally read through The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There wasn’t a lot in the book that stuck with me, but one part stood out and helped me develop this challenge for July.

Author Stephen Covey at one point asks the reader to think of one thing that if they did it every day for 30 minutes how much better they’d be at that thing at the end of a week, a month, a year. I had three things pop into my head immediately: writing, walking and language.

Image result for writing block

I was thinking about how much better of a writer I’d be, how many more ideas I would have put down on the page if I had spent 30 minutes a day with zero distractions just writing. If I had done that for the past year, where would my writing be today? It’d probably be pretty freaking excellent. When I read Stephen King’s On Writing this was his biggest piece of advice. Force yourself to write. You can only get better by practicing and writing everyday. I’m going to start taking that to heart.

The next thing I thought of was walking. I’m supposed to walk a relay from Portland to the coast in August and I haven’t done any training for. It’s not a long walk in general as it’s part of a relay team, but there is a 7 mile stretch that is labeled as hard and a 4.6 mile stretch about 8 hours after that. The biggest concern for me is making sure I’m practicing on the sidewalk/pavement as the walk takes place on the road. I do plenty of walking on trails, but I think street walking can be different on your body. I easily get shin splints so I figure if I can walk for 30 minutes at a brisk pace every day (which I should be doing anyway), I’ll be in a much better position than if I sporadically do walks throughout the day as I’m doing now.

Finally, I saw this video last week on Reddit about a guy who is self taught in several conversational languages. I’m sure you’ve been asked the question, ‘If you could have one superpower what would it be?’ People tend to pick flying or invisibility but for me it’d be the ability to speak any language. Imagine how free you’d be to travel and explore. To interact with different cultures. I’ve had the Duolingo app rotting on my phone for years and have only really played with it a few times for Spanish and French. I want to take this month to do 30 minutes of Spanish a day.

So how I can measure my three things for 30 minutes a day in July with you all? I’m hoping to share my writing experiences, my slumps and my triumphs. With walking I’d like to share my times and see if they improve. I recorded for Portland to Coast a 20 minute mile so it’d be good to start tracking that and see where I’m at. Finally, with language I’ll share the what level I get to each week on Duolingo and any particular concepts that I’m getting stuck on or find interesting.

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