April 2019 - Fruit · April 2019 - Fruit

Fruit – Week Three

I was desperate to try Guava again this week, and I found a tiny version for a reasonable price at a local market. It was way less expensive than the one I bought at the Japanese market, but I was wary because it was so small and soft. It was definitely ripe though, and was the first thing I tried this week.

Mini Guava from Mexico

I cut open the little guava and found that it’s white inside. I was a little bummed because I’m looking for that pink inside guava, the one the internet says taste like a combination between a pear and a strawberry. The two guavas I’ve had so far (the mini pictured here, and the green giant from last week) taste like grass. I can’t think of another way to describe it besides maybe mushy grass. I know the big one wasn’t ripe yet, but this one was and it tasted the same. Also this mini is packed with seeds that I’m told you can eat, but will probably break your teeth if you try. Not a fan, but not giving up on guava until I get my pink guava. Any tips on where to find this pink variety would be helpful.

Sweet Lime from USA

Next I had a sweet lime. It looked like a mini lemon, but was very lime like when cut open. The inside was a white yellow. I expected it to be sweet because of the name, but it honestly just tasted like water. Meh.

I was excited about the citrus though so I left my sweet lime in the garbage where it belongs and went right into a citrus kick the rest of the week. I was so bummed about the guava and mini lemon water (can that be its new name?) that I was desperate for something good to eat. I had always wanted to try blood orange and never had (I know, why not Holly?) and it did not disappoint. The inside was just as dark red as I imagined, and I loved that the outside had bits of burnt red on it too. The inside was delicious. Super juicy and good, but stained everything. So clean up real quick and try not to get it everywhere if you’re enjoying one in your home.

I tried a Cara Cara orange next. I might have had this variety before at some point, but I’m honestly not sure and I was super curious about the inside because the sticker said ‘I’m pink’ on it, which it was. I enjoyed this one a lot, but the flavor didn’t differ to me too much from a standard orange. I’d get it again though.

The last citrus of the week was a Honeygold Grapefruit. So this one was labeled as Honeygold, but when I Googled Honeygold grapefruit Google informed me that it’s just another name for a Melogold grapefruit. Melogold, on the outside, looks just like the Honeygold I grabbed at the store. Yellow skin, freckled a bit. However, I was expecting yellow flesh, as the internet had informed me that the inside of a Melogold is yellow, and instead got a light pink – just like with a standard ruby red grapefruit. So in the end I’m not sure what I ate. It also tasted like a ruby red, but smaller and it had more sections which made it harder to eat, but I feel like it was a little sweeter. Overall I liked it, but not sure it differed much from a ruby red to deserve the extra price tag.

Here are some other grapefruit varieties I’ll have to try someday. Let me know if you’ve had any of these:

  1. Flame Grapefruit
  2. Lavender Gem Grapefruit
  3. Duncan Grapefruit
  4. Marsh Seedless Grapefruit
  5. Oro Blanco Grapefruit
  6. Melogold Grapefruit
  7. Pomelos
  8. Star Ruby Grapefruit
  9. Pink Grapefruit
  10. Red Grapefruit
  11. Thompson Grapefruit
  12. Sweeties Grapefruit
  13. White Grapefruit
Juicy Apple

Finally after our hike this morning I enjoyed a ‘Juicy’ apple. I told you last week that there were more than 20,000 named varieties of apples. This one was just labeled a Juicy Apple. I thought maybe it was a type I’d never heard of before so I bought it. Then when I tried to do research on it I found it nearly impossible because if I google a form of ‘juicy apple’ or ‘juicy apple variety’ the internet just wants to tell me all about what types of apples are the juiciest. So I’m not sure if I ate a new type of apple or not honestly. It didn’t taste like one I’ve had before. It was like a mix between a Fuji and a Honeycrisp. Not sure, but if you know, please let ME know. I rather enjoyed it.

Overall, an interesting fruit week.

I’m wrapping up my book on the banana and the fruit hunter people. I’m going to watch the fruit hunter documentary next week and I’ll let you all know what fun facts come out of that one.

I’ll leave you with this picture from our hike today out at Cape Lookout in Tillamook, Oregon.

It was beautiful and we saw whales. It was also very muddy, we forgot water and I got a sunburn on my extremely susceptible to sunburn cheeks. Best to tell the truth. Pictures are just snapshots of someone’s day after all, they don’t represent the entire day.


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