Resume Building

I have been creating professional and curated resumes in my full time line of work for the last five years. I can help you transform your resume into something employers want to read. I will work with you at any level you need. I can edit and proofread a resume you already have, design a new template for you, tailor your current resume to a specific job opportunity you are looking for and I can even start a resume for you from scratch.

Resume work ranges from $10-$40 depending on what your needs are. Contact me to find out more and let’s talk about your dream job.


Website Creation

Are you looking to start a simple website just like this one? I can get you started in no time. You may be looking for a one page site with contact information or you might be wanting to expand with several tabs and menu contents. Whether you’re looking to promote yourself or a business venture I can help get you started and even leave you with simple and easy to use directions to update the site yourself. Contact me to learn more about rates.


Video Editing

I started video editing with Sony Vegas Movie studio in 2009. Before that I was making vlogs and editing them for YouTube all the way back in 2006.

In 2011 as a graduate student I created a video for my University to be shown at a benefactors dinner. See the video below for an example of my professional work or check out other silly Youtube videos I’ve edited over the years here.

A video I created, directed, and produced for the 2011 EWU benefactors dinner.

For rates and inquiries on your video editing project please contact me here.


Podcast Editing

I currently host and edit two podcasts and I can help edit yours too. I can take your basic raw audio files and compile them into a seamless episode for listening pleasure. I can add in intros, outros and music. Baby crying in the background? I can fix that. Too many people talking over each other? I can fix that too. My goal is take the episodes you’ve worked so hard on and return to you a pristine audio file that is ready to upload.

Do you also need help setting up your first episode? I can help you get set up with an account and steaming on multiple platforms. I will leave you with clear and easy directions to upload your episodes after the first one is set up.

Contact me to talk about your needs and pricing information. Price can vary depending on your needs.

Take a listen to a few of the episodes I’ve created from start to finish:

Just F Already: Episode 12: The Minotaur’s Kiss by Erin St. Charles

Cinemabysmal: Episode 37 – Bad Crime: Gotti & The Man