YouTube Throwbacks

Craigslist Jobs: Entry Level Opening

Behind the video: I felt like sharing one of the later videos with you all this time. Mostly because it relates a bit to what my post for this week will be for honest photos. This was posted in September of 2013 just a few days before I was going to be fired from the job I hated that I moved to Portland for. I was already job searching so I had a feeling the end was nigh I just didn’t realize how nigh. In the video I talk about a disturbing job posting on Craigslist and try to make light of my situation. In the realm of honesty I was not in a good place, not happy with my move and really upset at being so far from my significant other. Enjoy the throwback!

YouTube Throwbacks

How to Handle Rejection

Behind the video: I was so intentionally vague in this video about what I was actually rejected for. Here is the gist: I had two degrees at the time: one undergrad, one grad. I was making $9/hr and getting yelled at every day by customers. I was 21 and living at home in my childhood bedroom.

The interesting thing looking back on this video is that this was one of the most carefree and fun times of my life. Yes, I was getting yelled at by customers every day, but I was also working with my friends, going out every night and I had zero responsibility. Yes, I was only making $400 a month (if I was lucky), but with expenses only being my phone and putting gas in my car, I was living the good life. I was just stuck with this impression, like most millennials I think (thanks to our parents!), that you go to college and when you get out you magically get a job. I had two degrees and I had nothing.

So I did the only thing I knew how to do, which is try to go back to school – again. I applied for an online program at my alma mater. I was going to get an Master in Library Science and move to Washington D.C. to work for the library of congress. The school rejected me and I was back to square one though. It was a good thing though. I’d probably be archive Donald Trump’s tweets if I had gone that route.  I realize now as much as I love books I’d probably spend most of my days injecting Narcan into people and kicking out public masturbators. I mean…that’s been my experience with libraries anyway…

So the biggest take away looking back is that every rejection I’ve faced since then (there been a lot more than my 22 year old self in this video), has been FOR THE BETTER. Each rejection that I thought was the end of the world was actually the best thing for me. Without those rejections I wouldn’t have gotten other opportunities that popped up that suited me better.

YouTube Throwbacks

Seven Harry Potter Books in Seven Minutes

Behind the video: I made this video in my Dad’s room at my old house  in Spokane because the lighting was the best (and the lighting still sucked!). It took me a good four hours to film it all just because I had to talk so fast. The worst part was the editing. Every second counted on this one. 

The video was posted in January of 2010. I was living at home, working part-time and working on my graduate degree because I had no idea what else to do with my life and a real job sounded terrifying. 

There are no negative comments on this video, which was rare and nice. It’s one of my favorites.