Hello there! I am available for freelance opportunities on a variety of tasks. Find out what I can help you with below:

Writing: Links to published articles can be found here.

Podcast Editing: Look to start a podcast but not sure how to start? Do you need help setting everything up or just help editing episodes to upload? I can help with either! Find out more here.

Video Editing: Using Sony Vegas Movie Studio, I can take your raw video files and edit them into something spectacular. Have footage from an event, but it’s all over the place? I can edit it down into something that you’ll want to watch over and over again. I can even help you get started on YouTube. Find out more here.

Website Creation: Want a site like this one? I can do that for you. I can also leave you with the tools and an easy to use guide to make updates on your own. Whether you are starting a business or a restaurant or just want a simple place to showcase your work, I will work with you to assess your needs and get you moving on the kind of site you’ve always dreamed of having. Find out more here.

Resume Building: I will help you take your basic word document and jazz it up to impress future employers. I can create a resume from scratch for you or edit one that you already have! I can tailor your resume to the exact position you are applying for to ensure you’re putting your best self forward for your dream job. Find out more here.