Podcast Editing

I currently host and edit two podcasts and I can help edit yours too. I can take your basic raw audio files and compile them into a seamless episode for listening pleasure. I can add in intros, outros and music. Baby crying in the background? I can fix that. Too many people talking over each other? I can fix that too. My goal is take the episodes you’ve worked so hard on and return to you a pristine audio file that is ready to upload.

Do you also need help setting up your first episode? I can help you get set up with an account and steaming on multiple platforms. I will leave you with clear and easy directions to upload your episodes after the first one is set up.

Contact me to talk about your needs and pricing information. Price can vary depending on your needs.

Take a listen to a few of the episodes I’ve created from start to finish:

Just F Already: Episode 12: The Minotaur’s Kiss by Erin St. Charles

Cinemabysmal: Episode 37 – Bad Crime: Gotti & The Man