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Honest Pictures – Intro

While in the midst of my minimalist wardrobe challenge, I started following some capsule wardrobe people on Instagram. They all had it so together. If only I could just take their wardrobe and have it in my size everything would be perfect. Their lives are so perfect Perfect pieces, classy, well chosen outfits and they all went together. I think we all have those thoughts while scrolling through our social media feed. We show the best version of ourselves to people online. No one wants to read about how we feel sad for no reason sometimes or how we are unsure about our careers or our relationships. When we do have these feelings we tell the people closest to us, but we never put it on social media blast – well most of us anyway.

One of the minimalist people I was following had a post one day with a hashtag called #socialmediaisruiningyourlife. It was fascinating. They took an amazing picture of them out in the English countryside. Their outfit on point, hair perfect, scenery beautiful – you know the kind of picture I’m talking about, the one that makes you see green. The caption threw me off though. Check out the tags for yourself. If you go back a bit through the feed of the summer/fall with this hashtag, it’s actually to promote a book. One I’ll be reading with this challenge called, “Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life” by Catherine Ormerod. People were taking old posts and photos of themselves and giving people the honest version of what was actually going on in their lives at the time. Brilliant.

I’ve tried to start doing the same with my Youtube Throwbacks on this site. So for January I’ve be posting old photos every week with my original caption and letting you all in to how my social media presence isn’t 100% reflective of what is/was actually going on in my life. We show our best versions of ourselves to people and I think it’s important that everyone recognizes that.

For instance, if you looked through my Instagram feed, you’d think when I moved to Portland in 2013 I was living my best life. I was actually recently fired from the job I moved here for and depressed. You’d think that when I was showing off my fancy new office at my first real career job in 2015 that I was loving it. I hated that job. You’d think my trip to Europe in February was amazing and perfect. We had a great time, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I’ll throw up some old college photos too. My social presence was living my best life in a new big city having all the fun. The truth was I was depressed again, and developing an eating disorder. You saw what I wanted you to see. Happy, happy, happy. Honestly, I am. I was most of the time even through all of my 20s when social media really started ramping up in everyone’s lives. But I never showed my bad days. My really awful days. And they happened. So I think I’ll go back in time and be honest with you about some things. I hope it will at least help someone somewhere feel like maybe what they are consuming online isn’t always the 100% truth. I’ll also give you some tidbits on Ormerod’s book and insight on her thoughts on the subject.

Since this a January challenge too, I’d be in the minority to not throw in some fitness goals as well. So in the spirit of being honest this month….I’m pretty happy with my appearance and body, but I was lying on the floor yesterday and tried to push myself up and found it more difficult than it should have been. Then I had the most startling thought: Can I still do a push up? So I tried and the sad honest answer is no. No I can’t.

Sitting at a desk all day at work and being gym adverse has finally caught up to me. So the challenge will be to do some knee push ups every day with a push up app I got, and work my way into completing 20 push ups with no knees by the end of the month. I have no idea if that’s realistic enough or a good enough time frame, but I thought we could just see how I do and I can update you on my sad weekly progress. Man, I can’t believe I can’t do a single push up. Let’s fix that.

Stay tuned for January’s challenge and thanks for reading!

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Minimalist Wardrobe – Intro

Dressing yourself is hard. I always say if I won the lottery the first thing I’d do is hire someone to dress me. Everyone thinks they have a weird body type. I’ve heard people of all shapes and sizes complain about it, so if you think someone has the ‘perfect’ body, they’re probably pissed off about something you’ve never even really noticed in them. 

“I’m too tall, my pants always turn into capri’s.”

“I’m too short, everything has to be rolled up.”

“I have a [insert: pear, rectangle, hourglass, inverted triangle, big bird, pencil, noodle, barge] shape.”

“I can’t do crop tops.”

The point is, we’re all a little insecure. I have so many clothes and shoes and only two outfits I feel really comfortable in. So what am I doing with all this extra stuff? Feeling bad about myself, that’s what. Once I wear my two favorite outfits I itch to do some laundry so I can wear them again, then suffer the rest of the week with outfits I don’t feel comfotable in.

The idea of downsizing has come to me over the past two years and the more I sit with the idea the more I like it. Since I’ve committed to it, I’ve donated multiple bags of books, kitchen items, etc. that I once thought I couldn’t live without.  I thank the universe every day that I became an e-reader as I would have a home that I could barely walk through with the rate that I used to buy books at. The part of my home that remains untouched though,  is my closet.

I have done some minor things. For instance, I only have one pair of heels now. It took years of me trying to be a heels girl to realize I am not a heels girl. I’m short enough to be a heels girl, but I have this thing about loving my toes more than my appearance and also my coordination is flawed. There’s nothing wrong with being a heels girl though. If you love ’em, wear ’em and rock ’em then you do you. I’ve had enough rolled ankles to give up on the entire thing and just whittle it down to one pair for special occasions. Also, I threw out all my old plastic hangers last year and gave myself some Blair Waldorf ones just to feel less cluttered and also because, well, Blair Waldorf. 

For this month’s challenge I’ll be creating a capsule minimalist wardrobe and I’ll share photos of my progress each week as well as the challenges that come up and bits of fun information I glean along the way. Jessica Rose Williams defines a Capsule Wardrobe as:

” A wardrobe full of your favourite clothes. It’s a well curated collection of quality items that you’re happy to wear again and again, suit your lifestyle and won’t go out of style. It isn’t based on trends or a one size fits all formula. Everything in it compliments each other and as a result you need less clothes. A year round capsule wardrobe needn’t be more than 50 pieces, it may be less (mine is 32), and owning one will show you how little clothes, shoes and accessories you actually need.

Jessica Rose Williams – How to Build A Year Round Capsule Wardrobe

My research to prepare me for this will be the lovely Jessica Rose Williams book and The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondō

Also, before pictures are so much fun and so, here are mine: 

Next week, I’m taking every single item out of the closet and dresser and throwing it on the bed for inspection of worth. That photo should be fun. Until next week! In the meantime you can see my thoughts on twitter, photo updates on life and monthly progress on instagram and goodreads for my progress on the books I’m reading for this challenge.