May & June 2019 - A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day – Week Three

May 17

On Friday I rewatched both John Wick movies. I took this picture because I was laughing at how massive umbrellas are at funerals in movies. Like you can fit a family of five under there. I’ve never seen umbrellas like that in real life, but anytime there is a funeral on TV they break out the big guys.

Saturday we saw John Wick 3 and it was awesome and I cannot wait for the 4th one they’re planning in 2020. Love me some Keanu.

May 18

After our movie Saturday I was on the hunt to get to Salt and Straw and try their Skittles sherbet. It did not disappoint in any way. There were five distinct skittles flavors in one scoop and they all tasted amazing.

Salt and Straw is always busy and it isn’t my favorite ice cream shop in Portland, but every once in awhile they have a flavor come out that I have to go try. Notable mention to their rose water ice cream with saffron cream and pistachios. They have also taken a pledge this year to have at least three vegan menu items at all times and that is just the coolest.

May 19

Every Sunday morning when there is nothing going on I sleep in as long as I can, get up and make coffee and slap together some pancakes while watching David Attenborough nature documentaries in the background.

There are like eight of them on Netflix right now and I’ve already worked my way through Africa, both Planet Earths and Oceans.

I don’t know how this became a weird thing I do on Sunday now, but it’s been like this for a good few months now and I don’t really mind it all that much.

May 20

Okay, so….we watch The Bachelor in our house. Not just the Bachelor, but The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise too. It’s kind of a sick problem that I couldn’t stop at this point even if I wanted to.

Bama Hannah or Hannah Beast is our Bachelorette right now and she is very sweet and a bit weird, which I like. However, only two episodes in and she is sending all my favorite guys home and choosing to be impressed by two guys so far that have THE BIGGEST RED FLAGS EVER. It has been a bit cringy to watch this season so far because of this, but like a massive train wreck, you just can’t look away.

May 21

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Tuesday I had a doctor’s appointment before work. My doctor is ALWAYS late. I book her in the morning as her first appointment and I always see her duck into the side door of the building 15 minutes after my appointment was supposed to start and I’m like….I SEE YOU.

She’s a fairly nice doctor, but I’m thinking of switching primaries because I feel like she takes about two seconds to diagnose me after I tell her something and I’m always like….I wasn’t finished telling you about it. Sometimes it feels like she’s not really listening to me and any diagnosis she gives or remedy she thinks of she goes through it so fast that I can barely keep up.

Moral of the story though is if you feel that you aren’t being heard with your health….time for a new doc.

May 22

After work on Wednesday I went to celebrate my friend Megan’s new job here in Portland. The weather had been a bit dreary all week, but things finally started to turn for the better by the end of the day.

It was nice and sunny out and we went to some food carts and had beers and Indian food outside. I like to try to sneak in get togethers with friends when I can during the week. It’s good for the soul and helps break up the monotony of work-home-sleep.

I’m not a big picture taker when I’m with people because I like to be in the moment, but I asked Megan if I could snap a pic of her since she reads the site and knew all about this challenge. She happily obliged with a sip of hazy IPA and there you have it.

May 23

We had a video game night at work and I brought in my N64 along with a few classic games (Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye). We had some trouble hooking it up and eventually managed to track down a converter to work with the new TVs in the office.

I forgot how fun Mario Kart 64 is, particularly when you’re actually playing in person with people. We don’t do that often enough anymore. All multiplayer games are almost always played online now. There is something great about having to be hooked up close the to TV and in person, calling your friends a bunch of shitheads while they blast all your balloons away.

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone that participated this week in the hashtag #PictureTheLittleThings!

Your responses were so great. I love seeing what people do on an average day. Instead of sharing the highlights of our week and acting like that’s all we do is go on adventures and have fun – sometimes we are just sitting at home relaxing, or reminding ourselves about a song we like, or posting a picture of ourselves we love, but wouldn’t normally post. Thanks for sharing guys!